What our clients say  …

Kelly provided the direction I needed to solve my parent’s pending foreclosure. If it weren’t for her expertise and sincere caring, I would have lost my parent’s house. Thanks for coming to my rescue.

Denise HLas Vegas, NV

I am so thankful and relieved…. and happy with the professional service I received from Bedrock Property Investments. They purchased my property at a fair price and took care of everything from explaining the paperwork to handling the closing. I didn’t need to pay for the inspection, appraisal, or any repairs….what a value. Thanks so much.

Laura FLas Vegas, NV

Bedrock Property bought my 2 condos in Las Vegas and Boulder City without any hassle—I got a very fair price. Now I can focus on my next project.

Oscar RSalt Lake City, UT

Kelly trained with me for several days. The time and dedication she invested in her education and success has greatly paid off by becoming one of the best real estate professionals in Las Vegas, NV and beyond.

Sensei GillilandPresidentBlack Belt InvestorsSouthern CA