About Us

faceBedrock Property Investments, LLC, founded by Kelly Alexander, is a private family-owned business that provides remedies to homeowners faced with foreclosure, lifestyle changes, or any challenge where a traditional sale is just too slow and inflexible for their needs. We unburden property owners from the costs and hassles of ownership by providing quick, professional, all cash purchases. We do business from the heart AND with the head, insisting on a win/win result for all involved.


Bedrock Property Investments is a proud member of the United Wholesalers Network, a group of integrity-minded real estate investors in Las Vegas and greater Clark County areas. Additionally, we are active members of The Outback, Las Vegas Investors Club, Las Vegas Real Estate Insiders Club, Las Vegas Connected Investors, Bill Walsh’s PowerTeam International, and the Las Vegas Private Money and Real Estate Investor club.
Giving back to the community is a high priority at Bedrock Property Investments—we donate 20% of all profits to charities that serve and empower our local community and beyond including, though not limited to, issues involving children, veterans, health and other freedoms, entrepreneurial development, and spiritual connection.